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VIA program

Sid Stollings
over 6 years agoDecember 9, 2015
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This great Asante VIA program wouldn’t be as successful without Hallie Stanfield truly amazing work and dedication!
Paul Garcia
over 6 years agoDecember 9, 2015
Is it possible to add another color/back ground. There are a few employees who have reached "sky or cloud" status, but keep accumulating VIA blueberries. Is it possible to add a cosmos or space level?
Holly James
over 6 years agoDecember 22, 2015
A lot of employees don't know that if a patient sends a thank you card of appreciation that their manager can submit it for a blueberry applique. I had received several cards, after many years I found this out. Often patients don't know about the value in action program. When I hear compliments about other employees I offer to the patient a VIA card, they are always really receptive and appreciate knowing how they can express their feelings.
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