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Margaret Rawlings
about 5 years agoApril 4, 2017
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This is such a great idea!  Having watched both my parents end their lives on Hospice care, I can tell you a comfortable atmosphere and attitude is important at the end to both patient and family.  Good job Asante!
John Forsyth
about 5 years agoApril 4, 2017
This is a much needed and significant first step toward meeting the very great community need for  palliative end of life care for those who cannot support hospice care in their own homes.  Asante's leadership in yet another important area of end-of-life care is much appreciated! Congratulations to the RRMC palliative care team for championing this important commitment!
John Forsyth, M.D.
Retired physician
Stephanie S.
about 5 years agoApril 5, 2017
This is a great idea, I love this!
about 5 years agoApril 8, 2017
Hard to not shed a tear reading this.  Amazing work.
Maryellen Corliss, RN, Director BAYADA Hospice
about 5 years agoApril 19, 2017
Dr. Mistretta, so glad to read this.  You are amazing.  Asante is so blessed to have you!  We miss you here in Vermont!!!!
Jeff Robbins
about 5 years agoApril 19, 2017
A big thank you to Jason Rehder and the rest of the facilities staff for the transformation of these rooms.
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