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Shelley Ostovar,RN
almost 7 years agoSeptember 1, 2015
Regarding the Caregiver Fund: "..much-needed equipment,services, or training at the hospital" should be paid for by the hospital - not the employees. I think it's inappropriate to accept donations from employees for the purpose of "providing an excellent patient experience" - that is the hospital's responsibility.
Janet Troy
almost 7 years agoSeptember 2, 2015
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Hi Shelley, Many employees at AACH are interested in supporting our hospital through philanthropy. It has been a tradition here for decades. The Caregiver Fund grew out of our Employee Campaign committee as a way for our coworkers to submit and support initiatives to improve the patient experience at our hospital. The hospital itself does provide resources to support the purchase of equipment, program operations and staff training. But, as a non-profit hospital and healthcare system, we rely on philanthropy to fund projects above and beyond what the hospital can provide. We understand the importance of charitable giving by members of our AACH family and know that is sends a strong message to the community as a whole that we are an important organization to support. Next time you are walking through the halls, please look for the ACH Foundation plaques that recognize all of the projects supported through the generosity of our community. It is impressive and heart-warming. Sincerely, Janet Troy
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