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jason's shoes

Wendy Ortiz
almost 7 years agoJuly 21, 2015
This was an amazing story!! I love to read about the incredible selfless people that I work with whom I have never even met!  Thank you for sharing!!
Linda Durango
almost 7 years agoJuly 21, 2015
I want to echo what Wendy wrote.   Stories like this make me proud to be an Asante employee.  Way to go, Jason!!!
Kristi Frederick
almost 7 years agoJuly 21, 2015
I couldn't agree more Wendy!!!  I'm reading this with tears in my eyes and a deep sense of gratitude and awe for all the amazing people I have the honor to work with!  We've got some beautiful souls here that's for sure!
Jonathan Johnston
almost 7 years agoJuly 22, 2015
Awesome story! Which reminds me-I cant find my favorite pair of running shoes-Jason lets meet up tomorrow-I wear a 9 1/2 too.
Debbie Smith
almost 7 years agoJuly 22, 2015
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You once again helped our unit with a difficult situation. I was greatly appreciative of your help with this difficult situation. This situation could have gone so bad ,but you kept in contained. With that being said, the fact that we have the CRN outreach staff to back us up with medical issues and concerns is a great program and benefits all of our units and most importantly the patients.
Charity Gillette
almost 7 years agoJuly 27, 2015
Great story! Such a great example of our Asante values. Way to go Jason.
Jennifer Millsap
almost 7 years agoJuly 28, 2015
Really great story...a challenging situation met with compassion and grace!  Well done Jason and well done Asante for recognizing the value of the Outreach Program.
vicki williams
almost 7 years agoJuly 28, 2015
Way  to go Jason, this doesn't mean you can stop running!! A  good reflection of asante values!
Laura Roberts
almost 7 years agoAugust 2, 2015
Bravo Jason, we should all look after one another and be kind and generous like you.
almost 7 years agoSeptember 16, 2015
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Going the extra mile with grace. Thank you Jason  for your  modeling compassion in the flesh.  Carin Briggs
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