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Lyme Not contracted here
almost 6 years agoJuly 29, 2016
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The most recent lecture I listened to, through the Audio digest Emergncy Medicine Program 2015, by experts in the field on the West coast, found that virtually ALL of the confirmed cases of Lyme on the West coast were in people who traveled to the East coast, came back, and develoed sx here (3+ weeks later). We simply don't have the right tick that carries it here. We have a Pacific Ixodes tick, but it's end host is cold blooded animals only--chielfly snakles and other reptiles. The REPORTED cases may be high--in CA especiallly--because of the rate of travel, but the ORIGIN of the disease is not. 
So if you live in Oregon and you haven't travelled to New England, you don't have Lyme disease. Unless you're a snake.
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