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Ed Hyde, Clinincal Pharmacy Coordinator
about 5 years agoJune 13, 2017
It's been a privilege to know and work with Dr. Gross. 
A major part of my work has been to engage with the medical staff to evaluate and implement the best way to use the medications at our disposal, and there has been no member of the staff more collegial than Brian Gross. 
No e-mail has gone unanswered; no phone call has gone unreturned, and he's never hesitated to walk to my office in order to make his request, give his input, lodge his concern, or address mine.
His enthusiasm is infectious; it's also entertaining. I always look forward to hearing him speak, always giving some measure of thanks that I've never had to follow him at a podium.
For all these years of collaboration, I thank you, Dr. Gross.
Best wishes on a long, healthy, and happy retirement.
Marie Canoso CNA
about 5 years agoJune 14, 2017
In May of 07 I suffered a heart attack while getting ready for work. When the ambulance arrived at the E.D  DR Gross and his team was there waiting. He told me everything that was going to happen step by step. He talked to me the whole time my stent was being placed and was very comforting to me and my family. I honestly feel that Dr Gross saved my life and I will never forget him Best of wishes Dr Gross!! Enjoy your retirement and stay happy and healthy!! Thanks for saving me. :)
Nancy Bitterling, Resp
about 5 years agoJune 14, 2017
I started at RRMC in 1990 and was having SOB and tachycardia.  One of the CCU RN's talked to Dr Gross and he took me in the very tiny kitchen area in CCU, listened to my heart, and told me to come to his office at 5pm.  He told me "bring a book, I always run late".  What an amazing man.  I will miss him.
Carolyn Chamberlain, Corporate Substitute
about 5 years agoJune 14, 2017
Many years ago my sister-in-law, Jo Smith was visiting us from Bremerton, Washington. Dr. Gross and his team performed a stint on her. He was so very thorough when he talked to my husband and I about the procedure he was going to do.  He also talked to her son in Seattle, Washington to keep him abreast of her status and care. Dr. Gross you are very much appreciated for your human kindness that you display to all who come in contact with you. Thank you and enjoy your retirement.  There is life after!!!!!
Renne Schroeder, Asante Coding Department
about 5 years agoJune 14, 2017
Some years back Dr. Gross was gracious enough to take time from his busy schedule to give the TRMC and RVMC coders a 'cardiology inservice.' The knowledge he shared with us was truly helpful and relevant to our jobs. Thank you Dr. are very much appreciated!
Barbara Ullom, RN
about 5 years agoJune 17, 2017
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It was such a  privilege to work with Dr. Gross.  He not only had an amazing rapport with his patients, but also with the nurses he worked with.  He always took time to teach us in a way that allowed us to understand the concepts that drove his exceptional patient care and treatment.  I know he will forever hold a dear place in my heart as well as all who have had the privilege of to know him.  Best wishes for an awesome retirement Dr. Gross!  The world is a better place because of you.
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