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parking stickers

Edita Blackmore
over 6 years agoOctober 7, 2015
I picked up a parking sticker last week because I bought a new car. I informed security that I was never informed at orientation nor upon my first days employed three years ago that a parking sticker was required. Please follow up with current and future Asante hires of this restriction/violation.
Teuka Ponder
over 6 years agoOctober 7, 2015
What to people with multiple cars do?  Is there an option for a parking pass that does not have to be stuck to my car, I do not want to put a sticker of any kind on my car.
over 6 years agoOctober 7, 2015
Within the past two months, there have been an increase in people parking on the east side of the parking lot (under the big trees), which most of the Peri-Op staff used, because we start between 4 am and 5 am. We are not sure if night shift are parking there, but most of those spaces were available for the past few years, making it convenient for those of us who start work so early. My main concern is why are there less employee spaces available at 5 am. To be honest, I have heard too many scary incidents from staff who have had bad experiences parking in the parking structure. I wont park there.
Anoymous II
over 6 years agoOctober 15, 2015
In the past few months, the OB, NICU, PEDs  night staff have been disallowed to park across in the Medical Arts building that had been the agreement for years. We would park there after hours and be gone prior to them opening in the AM. A few months ago with APP moving over there we are no longer allowed to park over there, even though it is deserted at the time we come and go. Sorry, but they are making over 40 staff members/shift on nights now park on campus and the garage is totally opposite of our work area, so we park in the lot closest to us. Seems like night shift should be able to park anywhere, but alas nope... and in the evening trying to find a spot in the garage is hilariously impossible! why? because dayshift is still here!
michelle freeman
over 6 years agoOctober 9, 2015
I work until 0130 and have to park in Timbucktu in the parking lot. It is a scary trek that far all alone. So far so good, but is there any other parking besides the parking lot and surrounding area that is ok to park in?
over 6 years agoOctober 11, 2015
If you feel uncomfortable, Security is available to walk you to your car.
over 6 years agoOctober 13, 2015
Asante Imaging (located on the east side of the hospital campus) also utilizes the east campus parking. There is a lot of stress for the employees here as well over this issue, as we have (on numerous occasions) witnessed APP staff from across the street, AND hospital visitors using our posted "Employee Parking" spaces. While we appreciate the parking garage, collectively, we are confused as to why we are asked to trek across the entire campus, while hospital employees (working much closer to the garage than we are) are taking much of the parking over here at 4-5am. Understandable that the parking garage is dark and scary in the wee hours, but there is an entire clinic of Asante employees feeling shoved out by not having parking available to us as well, in our actual work vicinity.
Anonymous II
over 6 years agoOctober 15, 2015
I agree, they have now made 40+ staff who work on the farthest east of the hospital try to find parking.  AND they would never make a visitor leave an employee spot! PS.... they are NOT painted sticker required, they just say Employee parking....visitors park in them all the time.
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